Custom / Bulk Ordering

Buying pork and beef in bulk is an economical option for anyone with a big freezer. This gives you the chance to have more control over what cuts you get.


Pork is $3.75/pound (hanging weight). It comes in whole or half orders. For a half a pig, the target hanging weight is 100 lbs. Depending on how its cut and the amount of trimming, this yields 60-80 lbs. of packaged meat.


Beef is $4/pound (hanging weight). It can be ordered in halves and quarters. For a quarter beef, the target hanging weight is 125 lbs, which should yield 70-80 lbs. of packaged meat, depending on how you have it cut.

How to Purchase

Email us at upstreamfarmer@gmail.com

Place your order with us and send in your deposit, $100 for a half a pig, $200 for a whole pig. We take care of the rest and will send email updates. In the fall, after the butcher date, you'll receive a call from the butcher. They will walk you through the process of selecting all the cuts for your meat. Pick up will be at the farm, in Buchanan, about 2 weeks later.


All bulk ordered animals are slaughtered right here on the farm by Earl’s Meats. A family run business, they take the carcasses back to their shop in a refrigerated truck for further processing and packaging. This service costs a bit more, but we feel that it is worth it. Last, our price includes all of the standard processing and packing, but no extras, such as smoked meats, cased sausages, etc. These don’t add too much though.


Animals raised for bulk orders are finished in the fall. Frozen, packaged product is ready 2-3 weeks later. You pick it up from the farm. We are currently sold out for 2021.


We have on hand USDA packaged pork and beef that is available for purchase. We use Caledonia Packing which is animal welfare certified.

How to Purchase

We sell locally through Market Wagon or straight to you from the farm. Please email us at upstreamfarmer@gmail.com with questions or to schedule a farm pick-up.


USDA slaughtered animals are taken to the facility and we pick up the meat. It is stored in our inspected freezers until purchased.


We finish animals for USDA processing at different times throughout the year.